power law

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(psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to a power of the stimulus intensity

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But there's much to discover about what causes the power law relationship.
Use the power law coefficient as a guide to the effectiveness of this approach.
18] showed that the Findley power law model was useful for modeling the creep of kenaf fiber-HDPE composites.
The chapter on Patterns on Weighted Graphs provide laws on datasets and weight power laws.
Apparent viscosity against shear rate was properly consistent with power law model.
We analyzed the release behavior using the power law model of drug release.
Power law and log normal distributions are fundamentally connected.
The system eventually self-organizes to a critical state where avalanches of production of all sizes are possible, and the avalanches follow a power law.
partial derivative]u/[partial derivative]y is the shear rate n is the power law exponent.
As the analysis of the experiment suggests, the stepwise merging of batches and intermittent transport of the liquid phase leads to the state, where only a few largest batches contribute to most of the escaped liquid volume; the batches in the system have no characteristic size and their size distribution is best described by the power law.
In economics, the Pareto distribution is a power law distribution often used to describe highly skewed data.
We find a simple power law relationship between the change in Hall resistance and the longitudinal resistance as the temperature is varied between 1.
Also, in many schemes it is assumed that the particles are distributed within the cloud and precipitation environment according to the power law first proposed by Marshall & Palmer (1948):
Unlike in the case of the electric power law, the CC rejected a petition against the Oil and Gas Law No.