power cable

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cable used to distribute electricity

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Thread the grounding wire down the telescoping mast in parallel to the power cable.
Superior Essex is part of LS Cable & System, a global leader in the manufacture of power cable products and a supplier for many energy transmission projects around the globe.
The US power cable market is the second largest in the world, and we believe it is poised for growth as the need for alternative energy and increased energy efficiency converges with an economic recovery," said Stephen Carter, CEO of Superior Essex Inc.
This GP5 power cable is breaking and the pins inside the threaded connector are shearing because soldiers are hanging equipment on it.
Mr Bott was standing near the portable cabin behind a six-foot wall giving instructions to Mr Cork when the crane came within millimetres of the power cable.
3 power cable makers, said Tuesday they will form a fifty-fifty venture on Oct.
These capital projects will expand Union Carbide's worldwide annual capacity for semiconductive compounds for power cable applications to well over 100 million pounds.
Assess the supply-side of the power cable installation market, including first-tier installer capacity and the role of second-tier service providers and new entrants.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of 11 Kv 120 Sq Mm Aluminium Power Cable 3300 V Grade 95 Sq Mm And 70 Sq Mm Aluminium Power Cable And 3300 V 35 Sq Mm And 70 Sq Mm Copper Power Cables
About Power Cables A power cable is an insulated strand of wires that is used to transmit electricity at variable voltage levels.
BPP-Cables will provide light weight, long life and low cost electrical power cable solutions using verified design and analysis software and a cradle-to-grave engineering approach.
The biggest hookup problems are connecting the order wire (OW) and the power cable.
DIGICAT 100 utilizes three detection modes: Power to located energized power cables up to 3 m deep; Radio to locate metallic services which radiate radio waves: and Generator to locate tracer information, generated by the DIGITEX 8/33, in inactive power cable and other services.
LP in Houston signed a letter of intent to buy the low and medium-voltage power cable formulating business of AT Plastics Inc.