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a brake on an automobile that magnifies a small force applied to the brake pedal into a proportionately larger force applied to slow or stop the vehicle

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In order to increase the rapidity of the adjustment system and to raise the operation safety, we propose a mechanical / power brake with conical coupling and elastic elements which does not require an electrohydraulic lifting device.
Since joining CBF in 2009, Freiberg also led the integration of Japan Power Brake and Hawk facilities in Asia, growing CBF revenues from $5 million to nearly $60 million annually.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of steam operated power brake for 300 bhp steam engine of dhemomain pit no -2, sodepur area
It stated that some power brake booster parts were not made to specification.
Standing Committee also resented the hours long power brake down of last night in the country and said that it is due to ineligibility and negligence of the administration.
With the shifter in "D" and HVAC either off or in "Econ," the engine shuts down to save gas at idle and when braking below 5 mph, provided the coolant temperature is near normal, power brake vacuum is sufficient and the battery is adequately charged.
I went out shopping one day and found a big 300-ton surplus power brake,'' he said.
According to an official hand out issued here on Monday it is stated that a team comprising on four members have been constituted that would thoroughly investigate the reasons behind power brake down in the country.
The Interconnect Technologies segment's acquisitions of Jerrik and Electronic Cable Specialists and the Engineered Transportation Solutions segment's acquisition of Japan Power Brake contributed $14.
GM says the power brake boosters can fail; drivers may have to put extra pressure on the pedals to stop the cars.
has developed a new generation of its Full Power Brake systems that incorporates both anti-lock braking (ABS) and traction control to provide added control for multi-wheeled vehicles in on- and off-highway applications.
So I took it to a trusted garage and they said, ``Leave it overnight so we can verify it, but it looks like you need a new power brake booster.
to supply its new hydraulic power brake system as standard equipment on select models of the truck maker's medium-duty models.
Tenders are invited for 6 Motor Power Brake Switch With Magnet To Rdso Specn No.