powder metallurgy

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the metallurgy of powdered metals

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We would keep Powder Metallurgy for further improvement and use our proven skills to transform the core businesses of GKN while delivering growth and shareholder return at the fast-growing Nortek.
Access to a great number of industries and applications, such as the automotive industry, aerospace or medical technology is established particularly by technical ceramics and powder metallurgy.
Microstructural features limiting the performance of PM steels, International Journal of Powder Metallurgy 33(4): 43-53.
Sintering of Chromium Containing PM Steels Processed to High Density", Advances in Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials, compiled by Roger Lawcock, Alan Lawley, and Patrick J.
The Microsructure and Properties of Aluminium Composite Reinforced with 65 pm Alumina Particles via Powder Metallurgy.
BALTMATTRIB conferences in Estonia have become an open forum for researchers and engineers for presenting and sharing new ideas, and encouraging development and cooperation in basic, as well as applied research in the fields of materials science, powder metallurgy, surface engineering and tribology.
The European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) is planning to hold an intensive 2 day Short Course on PM Sintering Fundamentals and Mass Production.
Donaldson, director of research and development North America and materials engineering at GKN Sinter Metals, Jefferson, has received the Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy award from the Metal Powder Industries Federation for his outstanding career achievements.
One of these possibilities is combining powder metallurgy with semi-solid state technology.
He also covers powder metallurgy, corrosion, welding, and magnetic alloys.
Al/SiC nanocomposites, widely used nanomaterials in auto and aerospace industries, are produced by different methods such as casting, powder metallurgy etc.
High wear resistance is achieved through powder metallurgy.
abrasive machining, metal casting, powder metallurgy, forging, drawing, sheet metal forming, microforming, plastics/composites processing, ceramic processing and hybrid processes.
Instead of traditional melting techniques for forming alloys, the new process uses powder metallurgy in which the material remains in a solid form throughout the processing, ORNL says.
Pfluke is certified by MPIF as a powder metallurgy technologist and by SMTA as a process engineer.