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a small cosmetics case with a mirror


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I hope to discover more about Stratton, an inspiring company of its era, and their reputation as the world's largest powder compact manufacturer.
To monitoring the density evolution of a powder compact, aluminum capsules with specific dimensions (Fig.
Remember your powder compact, concealer, a long-lasting lipgloss or lipstick, and a blush.
Sephora Glitter Powder Compact in Turquoise (#120), $9, sephora.
Check out a friend's star sign and surprise her with Estee Lauder's diamante and gold Powder Compact.
Ideal for the lady who lunches (wanna-bes, too) is Estee Lauder's new rhinestone-studded powder compact adorned with a good luck charm, $55 at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.
Once the brain electrode is in place, a small pulse generator the size of a woman's powder compact is implanted below the collarbone; the patient then only needs to wave a magnet over the generator to turn the pulse on and off at will to receive the stimulation that gives relief.
bronzers * Tom Ford Bronzing Powder Compact, pounds 65, House of Fraser, www.
Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12, pounds 26, is on counters from Friday.
Savitskii (Russian Academy of Sciences) develops a model for a two-component powder compact and its changes in volume during solid and liquid phase sintering.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of YSL make-up, a limited edition face and cheek powder compact has been introduced to the collection called Palette Pop.
And, if you are looking for a compact to impress your friends in the ladies', then look no further than the limited edition Estee Lauder Signature Powder Compact encrusted in gold and silver Swarovski crystals and filled with Lucidity Pressed Powder.
Pat has also kept some of Doreen's possessions, such as photos, a powder compact, leather gloves and a locket.