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Synonyms for pouter

someone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression

one of a breed of pigeon that enlarge their crop until their breast is puffed out

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he found 14 or 15 tail feathers in some of the Pouters he possessed, a "Nun" with 13 and a "Helmet" with 15 (Darwin 1868).
Shaw, who spent his career championing the works of artists considered too unruly for mainstream labels, represented groups whose musical styles ranged from rockabilly to surf to psychedelia to pouter pop.
Like the pop queen she is, Shirley Manson ignored the pint-sized pouter and stormed the stage four hours before he arrived
Birch wishes she could right the wrongs of her romantic past on the sweeping and majestic pop pouter, "Rewind.
But with players like Darren Clarke and Ian Pouter still below him in the rankings, based on prize money won during the qualifying period, Dougherty could face a tough fight to keep hold off his place.
It's hard to avoid the conclusion that Woodward finds the inner drama of pouter so compelling that it melts away independent judgment.
Those who have crossed the Scottish boss in the past have lived to regret it - even David Beckham (right), who was brilliant at crossing - but the Portuguese pouter appears to have gone unpunished despite his touchline tantrum.
But Return to Greatness doesn't address (nor did my essay) how to achieve the kinds of sweeping reforms Burns urged without risking abuses of pouter by overzealous presidents.
Cat was certainly more than just the sulky pouter portrayed by the programme and the Fash focus fixation was overplayed.
Failing that, what would the pouter have in store should she win?
If we're not taking in the content then ITV management can say, get rid of the expensive foreign bureaux and hire the latest pouter, with no reduction in viewing levels and therefore no drop in advertising revenues.
She was a bit of a serial pouter and very possibly paranoid, but Di was in a different league from old Camilla.
The 31-year-old professional pouter was not her usual, erm, gracious self when she showed up at Heathrow airport this week.
Along with my fellow guests, who included actress Sarah Parish, model Lisa Butcher and professional pouter Catalina Guirado, I was treated to champagne, tea and scones and goodies from MAC.