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Synonyms for pouter

someone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression

one of a breed of pigeon that enlarge their crop until their breast is puffed out

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Ian Pouter, Justin Leonard and Angel Cabrera made the best starts of the big names, all safely negotiating a handful of holes in level par, while the wellfancied quintet of Geoff Ogilvy, Steve Stricker, Vijay Singh, Paul Casey and Jim Furyk were all alongside Woods on one over par when the players were called off.
An Air Force white paper of 1990, Global Reach--Global Pouter, articulated a vision of how the service would contribute to national defense in a changing world.
Jordan certainly doesn't need any more practice, according to respondents she is the nation's most excessive pouter.
Reports from the site deride companies such as Alcoa, American Electric PouTer, ConocoPhillips, General Electric and Marathon Oil for lack of foresight on issues of climate change.
The popular consent, even if misguided, curiously endorses Domhoff's assertion that "classes and class conflict, along with protest and social disruption, have to be taken seriously to understand pouter in America" but only in the sense that the absence of turmoil is a measure of deep satisfaction with things as they are (Domhoff 1990 282); America's ruling elite seems to enjoy pervasive permission.
To put it simply, soft power can reach the parts of the world that hard pouter cannot.
military pouter (power projection, lethal firepower, robust forces) have marginal day-to-day relevance, the reality of U.
Edsall, In the Electricity of politics, Nixon Was a Transformer; Party and Pouter Relationships, Wash.
The professional pouter, 34, has split up with his Les Miserables beauty Samantha Barks, 23, after dating for just five months.
I WAS VERY PLEASED to see Maj Anthony Eckel, Capt Jeffrey Cunningham, and Maj Dale Hetke's article "Weather and the Calculated Risk: Exploiting Forecast Uncertainty for Operational Risk Management" (Air and Space Pouter Journal, Spring 2008).
According to respondents, Jordan is the nation's most excessive pouter, closely followed by Victoria Beckham, above.
Like the pop queen she is, Shirley Manson ignored the pint-sized pouter and stormed the stage four hours before he arrived
Birch wishes she could right the wrongs of her romantic past on the sweeping and majestic pop pouter, "Rewind.