pour down

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drink down entirely

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He says: "At the end of the match, it started to pour down.
Pour down the side until the glass is two thirds full, then finish pouring down the center until foam reaches the lip.
However, no damage was done and as the rain continued to pour down Preston regrouped and defended tightly.
We all knew that it was going to pour down at this time of year.
Experts were yesterday monitoring one of Europe's most active volcanoes near Sicily after lava continued to pour down the slopes and into the Mediterranean sea.
Using an innovative design that implemented super-slim cantilevered brackets, the architects came up with a creative solution that still allows light to pour down from the high ceilings and boasts an unobstructed line of sight across the main floor, preserving the beautiful chandeliers and windows facing Ground Zero.
in the next few days you will receive a windfall of pounds 169,000 which will pour down like "manna from heaven.
When Sadness Comes Pouring Down": How sadness comes down / like a gray cloud out of the clear sky / Oh what a startling surprise / when the rain begins to pour down / with that drenching sound /What was once a bright day / drifts slowly away / on a sail into the bay.
The leak caused water to pour down the footpath by St James' Boulevard towards flats on the corner of Westgate Road.