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Synonyms for pounder

(used only in combination) something weighing a given number of pounds

a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone


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More information about the author, Dave Pounder , is available at www.
Pounder qualified as a solicitor in 1999 with city firm Wragge & Co.
Of course, Murphy's Law always in full force on the farm, our ram, Waits (so named after the singer Tom Waits for his unusually deep, gravelly baaa) chose that moment to come out from around a bush and the edge of the pounder clipped his head.
But this newest offer for a McDonald's Quarter Pounder doesn't require any points or any cash.
Pounder Burgers continue to add new interest and flavour to the burger category following on from the successful launch of the Mozzarella Pounder Burgers in 2010 and the Special Edition Peri Peri Pounder Burgers in Spring this year.
May WHERE DID Middlesbroug THE PROPOS meal in April THE RING: A diamond enga white gold ba WHAT DID TH Origami-folde Savannah from BRIDESMAID Pounder, Cod Macey-Leigh Blowman, Ava BEST MAN: A RING BEARER THE RECEPT Mandale Trian THE HONEYM Cyprus HOW MUCH and a leg
The EDGE Post Pounder and Puller will also pull old fence, small trees or steel posts from 1-inch in diameter out of the ground with ease.
In this excellent new book, the first of its kind, Pounder tackles the total subject of IFRS convergence from the perspective of U.
Judge David Hodson told him: "No court can ever restore Graeme Pounder to his family and no sentence can ever be long enough for the grieving parents and brothers and sister.
At his sentencing at Swansea Crown Court, Pounder was ordered to pay pounds 100,962.
Swansea Crown Court heard that Pounder admitted 16 charges of theft and two of false accounting and asked for a further 71 similar charges to be taken into account at his four-hour sentencing hearing.
Nicholas Pounder, 46, a married father of one, of Porthcawl, doubled his annual wage by stealing up to pounds 40,000 a year over six years.
And the deadlock was broken after 55 minutes when Pounder latched onto a Keith Gilroy cross to shoot home.
Roger Preece blocked a dangerous low drive from Scarborough's David Pounder before Kevin Jobling had a brilliant centre tipped round the post by Andy Woods.
6 ounces, grew to the Quarter Pounder and then to the Arch Deluxe at nine ounces.