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Synonyms for poultice

a medical dressing consisting of a soft heated mass of meal or clay that is spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat inflamed areas or improve circulation etc

dress by covering with a therapeutic substance

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The poultices are made of Himalayan salt, essential oils of lavender, marigold, rosemary and patchouli.
Aside from that cheery little saying of hers whenever we were in danger of having too much of a good time - "You be warned, my gell, laughing always comes to crying" - she was convinced a poultice could solve every ailment under the sun.
But readers who are alternately amused and appalled by descriptions of bloodletting, cautery irons, counter-irritation, sympathetic powders, and revolting poultices should not feel too smug.
I RECENTLY discussed home-made medical remedies and mentioned the use of poultices for dealing with cuts and infections.
Along the trail you will find the rare black ash, its wood used to make baskets; the Yellow birch flowers, which is used to make tea; Wild Sarsaparilla with the root used to make tea for an all-purpose medicine; Sweetfern, with the leaves and twigs used to make tea and poultices for the treatment of poison ivy rash and other external sores.
The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and Greeks not only used mustard leaf and seeds as a foodstuff but also to treat ailments of the liver, kidney, and lungs, and externally, in the form of poultices for aches and pains.
Kids would have bread poultices on their legs for sores and they would take them off and eat them because they were so hungry.
And all the rime, I was reminded of the dolls of our childhood and how Florence said they needed fresh air, good hygiene, nourishing food and someone to care for them--as well as the bandages, splints, poultices, lotions and potions.
Poultices made from the cactus long have been used in some cultures to fight infection and speed healing of wounds.
Gone are the days of unregulated poultices, oils and tinctures, where the pharmacy windows were filled with ribbed jars of coloured liquid that supposedly represented bodily fluis ds such as bile, blood and phlegm.
Persons in Guangdong Province eat frog meat and place frog poultices made from raw frog meat on open wounds and lesions, which facilitates human infection with spargana.
I AM about to embark on an 85-minute aromatic herbal journey which will involve a body and face massage and the application of hot poultices.
It contains 11 papers discussing such topics as classification of diseases in the Tamil medical work Vaittiyacintamani-800 of Yukimuni, a Khotanese medical text on poultices, the three channels in Tibetan medicine, sound and the musician's body, sleep in Sanskrit literature, maternity in the Bengali Ramayana, and dogs in a rare zoological book in Sanskrit.
This involves a Ytsara manao heated head and facial treatment using hot, steamed, herb filled muslin poultices for extra warmth to the skin and muscles followed by a hot towel back treatment, costing EUR150.
I can say from experience that just as effective treatment can be obtained with black treacle, or soap and sugar poultices.