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Synonyms for poultice

a medical dressing consisting of a soft heated mass of meal or clay that is spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat inflamed areas or improve circulation etc

dress by covering with a therapeutic substance

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Then you cover the paste with a special poultice blanket and leave overnight.
BRIAN WILLIAMS AUSE poultice paint-removal system PeelAway.
WHEN I was a child 70 years ago I was susceptible to boils and septic spots and my dad used to make a poultice of sugar and soap and apply it to the wound and it worked.
SpaTerre offers an assortment of unique signature treatments including the Sandor Poultice Therapy, performed on Crystal Quartz Table and found locally only at SpaTerre.
It is our national responsibility to put poultice on the wounds of Baluchistan and give them their due rights", he added.
The pick of the Purebred Arabian action is the concluding 1,700-metre Uptite Poultice Trophy where Ffrench rides an interesting runner in the form of Ajdal, who represents the Royal Cavalry of Oman.
She finished off by running an aroma-packed poultice over my arms and legs.
The children would sing "Here comes the nurse with the red hot poultice, slaps it on and takes no notice".
All they can do is poultice it and see how it moves in the next 48 hours.
Crushed stems can be used as a poultice to ease the pain of stings and bites.
snow leopards boiled down into a poultice and applied everywhere it
As the winner of Spa Asia Magazine's Crystal Award for 'Asia's Best Small Spa 2005', Sense of touch offers a range of innovative ethnic treatments including ayurvedic massage - an ancient Indian treatment - and a Thai hot poultice therapy.
Apply a poultice of equal parts of Manuka honey and liquid cod liver oil.