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a dealer in poultry and poultry products


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T WAS between games and Idrinks it transpired that he was a poulterer from south London.
ItOs an opportunity to get the contact information of the same farmers, butchers, poulterers, fishmongers and cheese sellers who supply Ducasse himself.
practiced, resolving from the Poulterers wives cryes, No mony no Cony; a Cunny being the dearest piece of flesh in the whole world[.
The Zenium films, which are intended for industrial agribusinesses, poulterers, slaughterhouses, packing centres and supermarket chains, were designed to wrap meat, fruit, vegetables, fish and cheese.
Market Square a mass of evergreens; Blythe's, the poulterers, excelling in a time-honoured show of table birds and for those who desired 'a drop to keep out the cold' Waters in High Street or Johnson and Mason a few yards removed.
1951: Hundreds of families were emjoying cheap New Year turkeys after Merseyside poulterers miscalculated demand for the holiday season.
Pigeon is available in specialist poulterers and fishmongers.
The results of her research cover what animals were considered to be edible; how they were slaughtered; what tools were used to do this; how the carcasses were stored; the status of butchers, poulterers and fishermen; and the methods of jointing and processing, including drying, smoking, and steeping in brine and other substances.
Mr J Webb, president of the National Federation of Fishmongers and Poulterers, said to a "Birmingham Post" reporter, "We have been told by the Government that we must give the scheme a three months run, and then, if we are in a position to prove that the margin of profit is not sufficient to enable retailers to carry on their business, the matter will be considered.
At the time of the Black Death in 1349, local authorities were encouraged to intervene particularly energetically in price regulation by legislation that required them to impose "reasonable" prices on butchers, fishmongers, innkeepers, brewers, bakers, poulterers, and other food-sellers, and this law was subsequently restated and elaborated.
But Bickel Ltd, fishmongers and poulterers are no more.
The Lecture was intiated by the seven City Livery Companies involved with the food industry, the Fruiterers, Butchers, Poulterers, Fishmongers, Bakers, Cooks and Farmers, who, at their cost, provide the remarkable and historic facility of the Guildhall for the occasion, held in January.