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allemande sauce with chopped parsley

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said "As Poulette builds on its success in Hell's Kitchen, we are thrilled to help the retailer expand its footprint in Manhattan.
It seems to me like conversation is more likely to shape what young people believe, the conversation experience as opposed to simply believing the doctrine of their denomination or what their pastor has to say," mused Poulette before the meeting.
Poulette is among the Christian leaders of tomorrow, 20- and 30-somethings who, like every generation before them, are reshaping the faith.
LAST SUMMER Poulette traveled to the village in east-central France called Taize, where an ecumenical monastic community of more than 100 brothers now inspires the Taize services that have become popular among many young Christians.
La Poulette grise" featured McLaren's "chain of mixes" technique, which involved shooting frame by frame a still pastel image and making gradual additive or subtractive changes to the drawing between shots, thus creating a perception of fantastic yet wholly organic transformation.
Eastern Consolidated has been retained as the exclusive retail leasing agent for Poulette, the first French-inspired rotisserie chicken experience in New York City, which is continuing its expansion throughout the New York City metro area.
Poulette has developed a strong customer base and reputation for its authentic, high-quality food made from locally sourced and grown products, and offered at an affordable price," said Ravi Idnani, Associate Director of the Retail Leasing Division for Eastern Consolidated, who exclusively represents Poulette.
An ideal retail space for Poulette would range from 600-1,500 square feet.
J'ai trouve une de ses recettes : un oeuf, une patte de poulette.
Dish of the year: Entree-size order of black mussels poulette (plump mussels en shell) in a white wine and shallot broth served with pommes frites.
Hoppity Pop with its odd shapes and circus calliope music, the folkloric Fiddle-de-dee and La poulette grise and the experimental Loops still stand the test of time as do the marvellous jazz shorts Boogie-Doodle and Begone Dull Care which co-star, respectively, the pianistic talents of Albert Ammons and Oscar Peterson.
The menu basically describes them as black mussels poulette with pommes frites ($14.
1 -- 2) At Le Petit Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, head chef Norberto Hernandez, left, and owner Tony Arefi have their hands full with dishes including the black mussels poulette, top.
In the Pirate's Alley apartment, Spratling employed a woman named Leonore, soon rechristened "Eleanora" by William Faulkner, to wash clothes and to prepare for him and his many guests such New Orleans specialties, he recalled four decades later, as "shrimp poulette, soft-shell crabs and a very fine gumbo.