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allemande sauce with chopped parsley

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It seems to me like conversation is more likely to shape what young people believe, the conversation experience as opposed to simply believing the doctrine of their denomination or what their pastor has to say," mused Poulette before the meeting.
My husband's beef poulette, described as the speciality of the house, lived up to its star billing.
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La semejanza con la pelicula quebecuense de Michel Poulette (que no conozco pero que segun leo, Ed TV (Id) toma como base partiendo del mismo guion) no es la unica, esta tambien The Truman Show (Historia de una vida) de Peter Weir con guion de Andrew Nicol, vista aqui hace algunos meses.
Despite the identity crisis that extends to dual depictions of other characters as well, helmer Michael Poulette keeps the perpetual sense of menace, and the bodily fluids, flowing.
By the same token, the suspicion around the half-brother of the title character in "Jean-ah Poquelin," who could be half black, or the preying of white men on black women denounced in "Tite Poulette," also suggest that for Cable the racial purity of New Orleanians was pure myth.
La Poulette grise" featured McLaren's "chain of mixes" technique, which involved shooting frame by frame a still pastel image and making gradual additive or subtractive changes to the drawing between shots, thus creating a perception of fantastic yet wholly organic transformation.
They included four of Cable's best short works: "Jean Ah Poquelin," a weird tale of a former slave trader; "'Tite Poulette," a story dealing with miscegenation; "Cafe des Exiles," a story of a smuggling plot; and "Belles Demoiselles," a pathetic story of a proud father's loss.
Eastern Consolidated's Retail Leasing Division has arranged a 10-year, 1,000 s/f lease at 304 East 49th Street for Poulette, which will be the French-inspired rotisserie chicken restaurant's third New York City location.
J'ai trouve une de ses recettes : un oeuf, une patte de poulette.
Dish of the year: Entree-size order of black mussels poulette (plump mussels en shell) in a white wine and shallot broth served with pommes frites.
In French, poule is applied to a tart, poule de luxe to a high-class one; a poule mouillee is a coward, a poulette ('pullet') can be a young girl, but poulet has come to designate a policeman, probably (according to Esnault) because of a popular etymology, from an Italian slang word pula.
The Haven" is an odd hybrid of film noir and "Twin Peaks"-like wackiness, and Poulette - whose first pic, "Louis 19," was a big hit in French Canada - deserves full marks for trying to do something different.
Hoppity Pop with its odd shapes and circus calliope music, the folkloric Fiddle-de-dee and La poulette grise and the experimental Loops still stand the test of time as do the marvellous jazz shorts Boogie-Doodle and Begone Dull Care which co-star, respectively, the pianistic talents of Albert Ammons and Oscar Peterson.