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(of children) trained to use the toilet

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Research shows that it costs pounds 1,126 to keep a child in disposable nappies to the age of three - when toddlers are then potty-trained.
But then I think that there are plenty of moms with several kids who have to go through a whole variety of things at the same time - one kid going through puberty while another's getting potty-trained.
By show's end, everyone is inducted into the Mystic Order of the Toileteers, Pip and Pop's exclusive club for the potty-trained.
They run around the house like pussy cats, and they are completely potty-trained,'' she says.
Hankey is a character created by Trey's dad 25 years ago when Trey was being potty-trained.
His communication skills had improved, he was potty-trained and was learning to speak in complete sentences.
Making sure her daughter was potty-trained in time to start was another hurdle to conquer.