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a pot that holds 2 quarts

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Working with other industry leaders to provide support and direction to ATA's advocacy efforts is something that I am excited to do in the coming year," said Pottle.
Miranda Grope and Augustus Pottle appear in Dahl's early plot.
In an early draft of Dahl's book, which has inspired several film versions and a hit stage musical, instead of five Golden Ticket winners there were 10, with familiar characters such as Augustus Gloop given different monikers, such as Augustus Pottle and an extra room called the Vanilla Fudge room.
Flynn Memorial Scholarship as well as the Lillian Pottle Scholarship.
Our director, Pat Shirley, lives in Penarth, and is doing this performance with her husband Don Shirley, who plays Reverend Pottle, and her daughter Tiffany Barker, who plays Alice - and they're loving every minute.
As navigation and GPS test experts, Spirent wants to help developers build high-performing positioning functionality into their systems quickly and easily said John Pottle, marketing director of Spirent Positioning Technology.
Steve Pottle, director of risk management services at York University; Jennifer Santiago, director of insurance at Novartis Corp.
Steve Pottle, Director, Risk Management Services, York University;
Sgt Tim Pottle said: "We appeal to anyone with any information about this incident to contact us.
Martin Pottle, 24, of Feltham, West London, got 14 months' jail, Alfie Wallace, 19, of Ealing, West London, got a year and David Morris, 21, of Epsom, Surrey, six months.
From left, Ghulam Sohail, Michael Knibbs, Jeremy Hale, all partners, Sarah Pottle, head of Challinors Nottingham and East Midlands) and Andy Hodges, chief executive.
It's good news for people who have been waiting for such a long time for a response from the court on this issue," said Dan Pottle, minister of finance with the Nunatsiavut government, which was established in 2005 as a regional Inuit government within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
John Pottle, Marketing Director, Positioning Technology, +44-1803-546-300, john.
Ian Pottle, NatWest's relationship director, said: "I'm thrilled for Richard and Louise as they embark on this exciting business venture.
Selections include "Tu Voz" by Shawn Kirchner, "To Daffodils" by Benjamin Britten, a setting of the poem "Jabberwocky" by Sam Pottle, "Choral Hymns to the Rig Veda" by Gustav Holst and an Irish lullaby.