potter's wheel

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a horizontal rotating wheel holding the clay being shaped by a potter

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It's a creative partnership that plays out on the potter's wheels, in the woodworking and metalworking shops, and other spaces in the rambling building on Sagamore Street.
The potter's wheel is used by placing a potter's wheel steel with a small ball tip on a round hollow steel grounded on the floor.
Technical faults often caused breaks in transmission which is when they slipped in short calming films - such as The Potter's Wheel - as an interlude.
When Polish resident Beata Szymonik and participant at the workshop, tried pottery five years ago, she was amazed at how calming the experience was, even just watching someone at a potter's wheel.
I guess we'll only really know she's missing him if she starts making vases on a potter's wheel with Unchained Melody playing in the background.
There they unearthed three large funeral vessels of clay resembling boats, each the size of a human body and containing burnt earth, as well as fragments of pots made with the potter's wheel and filled with funeral ashes, and tools made of the special iron-rich stones.
One day when I was selling ice cream I happened to see a man working on the potter's wheel.
The newly found site offered a number of earthenware shards and intact pieces of pottery, which suggest that potter's wheel was not used at the site.
When we opened Potter's House 50 years ago, we had a working potter's wheel at the front of the building.
The best varieties for a snowy theme are the white, large-flowered Potter's Wheel and White Magic.
The best varieties for a snowy Christmas theme are the shiny white, large-flowered Potter's Wheel and White Magic, which produces lots of small white flowers.
Television has, of course, become an immensely powerful product in the decades since the Potter's Wheel squeaked into living rooms up and down the country.
But now they're back in the big time, as a boffin spins chocolate on his potter's wheel like he was Demi Moore in Ghost gearing up for some hot and messy Swayze-loving.
In the late Neolithic times, the potter's wheel was developed enabling a dramatic advancement in earthenware ceramics.
Cheney Fairchild, British artist and owner of The Art House will be offering limited places on the four-week course on learning how to throw and turn on the potter's wheel.