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of plants


preserved in a pot or can or jar

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Potted plants have different watering requirements than lawn or permanent planters.
With the right placement, potted plants serve several purposes in a backyard setting.
In another test, loose bulbs were prechilled in the refrigerator drawer for 6 to 12 weeks and then potted and set outside in a cool, shady location under 6 inches of mulch.
In cold-winter areas, potted bulbs can be forced in coldframes or garages, as long as temperatures stay between 35 degrees and 45 degrees.
TIP OF THE WEEK: If at all possible, avoid putting dishes under large potted plants.
Debbie van Bourgondien, who calls herself ``the bulb lady,'' laughingly explains that she's a popular guest at holiday parties because she always comes with potted amaryllis as hostess gifts.
When it's time to prune ivy, take the cuttings and stick them directly in the soil of other potted plants.
When each leaf is green and every flower a sensual delight, you happily and justifiably take credit for that potted plant's health and beauty.