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Synonyms for potholer

a person who explores caves

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Potholers have discovered the UK's biggest cave beneath a hillside in the Derbyshire Peak District.
The couple met in 1986 when Dee played a potholer, Maggie, in the show.
A SOUTH Wales potholer was rescued after spending more than 30 hours in a flooded underground cave complex.
Of course, digestion wasn't helped by the fact I was recounting the contents of a recently-read book involving a potholer who got trapped and was forced to amputate his own arm with a penknife.
As I have said, tracing Mr Vogel's story is like being a lost potholer following a cord back to the surface, along a maze of dark and dangerous caverns, many flooded, and through tunnels as dangerous as boa constrictors.
A 60-STRONG team was today preparing to rescue an injured potholer who was trapped underground overnight after falling while exploring a cave network.
A YOUNG potholer breaks into a happy smile as she is led to safety after a four-day underground ordeal.
A MASSIVE rescue operation was still underway last night to try to rescue a potholer trapped 30 feet underground following a mountain collapse.
A TRAPPED potholer who fell 20ft down a cave system was brought to the surface yesterday after a painstaking day-long rescue operation.
A POTHOLER who fell 20ft down a cave system and broke a leg was brought to the surface after a 12-hour rescue operation.
AN injured potholer was trapped underground last night after falling from a ledge.
A potholer who was trapped underground for almost 24 hours after an accident yesterday vowed to return to the cave as soon as she can.
After falling foul of wall-crawling subterranean cannibals last time around, the now-catatonic potholer Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) returns to the blood-soaked caverns accompanied with a rescue team.
An injured potholer trapped underground for almost 24 hours was rescued yesterday in a 'superhuman' operation involving 100 volunteers.
AN INJURED potholer was waiting to be rescued today after becoming trapped underground while exploring a network of caves in Wales.