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used of paved surfaces having holes or pits

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Potholed roads have been a source of discontent in Greater Manchester for years.
Today, ordinary folk, several members of the Watchdog Foundation, headed by Godfrey Pimenta and Nicholas Almeida, and other NGOs demonstrated their support for Malishka by holding face masks of the RJ and highlighted the potholed roads at a traffic signal at Marol, in suburban Andheri (East).
After all, our roads are among some of the most badly potholed in Britain.
The convoy faced its newest challenge, heavily potholed roads and erratic traffic conditions.
We returned home to bounce along our local potholed roads with the possibility of suspension damage.
I find it amazing that those who run local government seem content to lavish such largesse on themselves whilst claiming not to have the money that is needed to keep our dangerously potholed roads in some sort of decent condition.
Summary: Kabul: One of Afghanistan's most surprising success stories lies tucked away on a potholed street .
NORTH East drivers are more likely to damage their cars on potholed roads than southerners, a campaign group claims.
The decision comes in the wake of the failure of MCD's " costly experiments" with mechanical sweepers, which broke down after being damaged on the broken and potholed roads.
THE TOTAL cost of repairing a county's potholed roads would be pounds 1.
The firm also blamed breakdowns on the region's potholed roads.
RUST-OLEUM's new product, Asphalt Repair, is a durable bitumen-based patch repair product for use on exterior potholed asphalt and concrete.
The ride is fairly firm, but apart from the potholed roads we all face in town, the S60 was never uncomfortable.
The bike also boasts an ejector seat and a caterpillar track for smooth riding over potholed roads.
Now, keep in mind this little pleasure cruise was being done on the nasty, potholed roads of Kunduz Province.