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someone who smokes marijuana habitually

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PRIVET FUNCTION Art troupe the Potheads, who will be at Grey's Monument in Newcastle tomorrow
First, let's deal with the obvious implication that the potheads are just "making up" this notion that their favorite herb can be medically useful.
Still, bearing in mind how revered Monroe has become in death (especially post Diana), this is good news for all potheads.
Downside, though, is that the potheads will bum your papers; you'll end up with a pouch of tobacco and nothing to roll it in.
And so, as The Wire for white suburban moms drops its third season on DVD, I call for an expansion of weed humor's boundaries, a way to look at potheads in a broader and more multiplistic sense, to break the chains of pothead vilification.
They may well be a couple of spaced-out potheads but there's no denying the corruption, waste, frustration and eventual heartbreak that they come to experience.
MTV, he says, dehumanizes black people as "pimps, whores, potheads, dope dealers and gangbangers" and presents these images as "real" black culture.
IRISH potheads are planning a JOINT march with fellow smokers worldwide - to call for cannabis to be legalised.
Inside, a ragtag group of potheads, college drop-outs, weekend electronic enthusiasts and Star Trek fans are about to invent the future: the personal computer.
Not that it matters too much, as logic goes out of the window in this puerile comedy in which potheads can ride cheetahs, perform operations and hang-glide.
After smoking some extra-special spliffs, a pair of ghetto potheads are accepted into Harvard University, helped by the ghost of a recently-deceased friend who coaches them through their entrance exams.
Justice Defiled: Perverts, Potheads, Serial Killers and Lawyers is a new release from Key Porter Books written by Osgoode Hall law school professor Alan N.
Justice defiled : perverts, potheads, serial killers and lawyers.
marijuana "ajar in Aum" opinion of Indian holy men and potheads everywhere (Aum in a jar?