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someone who smokes marijuana habitually

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Hammond, who Monday night said the statements "essentially invited every pothead from here to Seattle to come to Auburn and smoke marijuana without any repercussion.
PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (18) stars Seth Rogen (pictured) as process server and pothead Dale, who buys all his drugs from amiable dealer Saul (James Franco).
We may hope our elected representatives will either exempt a pothead from pinpoint searches, lighten his punishment to compensate for the new ease of capturing him, or even abandon their long-running war on him altogether.
The fun loving Prince - who was once dubbed Harry Pothead after being caught smoking weed - will have to give two urine samples in tests for cannabis, cocaine and heroin.
I'm not a pothead," he says with a laugh, "but what was really surprising to me as I was working on it is how many people are.
Rob Schneider's pothead best pal and Sean Astin's lisping, steroid-injected beefcake play for the easy laughs while Barrymore and Sandler get on with the tricky business of falling deliriously in love.
the charming love-rat of a son, Charles, the impish grandson Harry Pothead and older brother William - and his girlfriend Britney Spears.
Thanks to the antics of Prince Harry - immediately branded Harry Pothead by less sympathetic individuals - the Royals were back on every front page.
He was being pursued: not the healthiest psychological environment for a pothead.
Tenders are invited for Protection Work Of Pothead Yard Area Of Parbati Iii Power Station
Paul (15) Touring America's UFO hot spots, Brit sci-fi geeks Simon Pegg and Nick Frost befriend a sweary, pothead alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) on the run from the Feds and liberate creationist Kristen Wiig's inner potty-mouth.
ITC compliments its replacement programs with a robust maintenance program that includes equipment repairs to leaking seals, tube fittings and pothead flange valves that are not yet ready for replacement.
His latest lame effort stars his old Knocked Up buddy Seth Rogen as process server and pothead Dale Denton, who's dating high school student Amber Heard.
Another chum, Van (Jaden Leigh), is such a pothead that he has smoked his own blanket, and Van's sister (Megan McNulty) is institutionalized.