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in a manner having a powerful influence


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USA], July 29 ( ANI ): Good news for those who wish to lose weight, as a team has identified two new types of cells in the brain that can potently regulate appetite and offer new drugs to treat obesity.
While the sight of cockroaches is abhorrent for most people, researchers have found their milk potently more nutritious than cow's milk, a group of researchers discovered.
If these proposed changes are potently so positive for our future prosperity and job security why can't we be given a real collective voice in these changes to our democratic governance?
They counter attacked very potently with Kieran Martin pushing up with Heslin and Denis Glennon coming on.
Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez commits to an immersive procedural approach that potently conveys the study's lengthy duration and claustrophobic intensity, making for a viewing experience that is by turns gripping, tedious and deliberately discomfiting.
Infused with a sophistication that is not often found in the pop genre, Paloma Faith's A Perfect Contradiction is a thinking woman's dance music, it all comes together as a wonderful synthesis of its various producers, with danceable grooves, potently soulful vocals, and not completely banal lyrics.
We could detect the honeysuckle and sweet rocket and the tiny but potently perfumed flowers of Eleagnus 'Quicksilver' that were permeating the air.
Even so,I've heard recordings of the Goldberg Variations which have had a potently soporific effect.
Lance-maside A and echinocystic acid, which is its metabolite by intestinal microflora, potently inhibited acetylcholinesterase activity in a dose-dependent manner, with [IC.
This power came to the fore most potently when one player seemed to sabotage his team's score almost before he had started play, by losing the black ball on the second stroke of his round.
Susan Graham was a compellingly ardent Composer, and Canadian baritone John Fanning made a solid HGO debut as the Music Master, singing potently and oozing fatherly concern for his distraught young student.
s AMS Biotechnology on June 16 announced the availability of a stable synthetic retinoid that has been proven in independent testing to potently induce and reliably control stem cell differentiation.
More potently, where now for the so-called western world, after stepping into the Libyan civil war?
In this new show, her virtuoso performance style is potently combined with Duffy's dark humour and acerbic wit.
In less than three hours young Mohammad Aamer (3-20) and his colleagues Mohammad Asif (3-30) and Umar Gul (2-16) had knocked Australia over for an embarrassing total of 88 with a consummate display of potently accurate swing bowling.