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Synonyms for potentiality

the inherent capacity for growth or development


Synonyms for potentiality

the inherent capacity for coming into being

an aptitude that may be developed

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Our potentiality and capacity should, therefore, be upgraded through promotion to attract higher number of international tourists.
Agamben, bare life, biopolitics, potentiality, development, Obama
Because the conditions defined by the factors potentiality and time were not matched in stimulus length in characters, word frequency, verb form complexity, verb form frequency, and so on, we cannot make predictions regarding main effects nor interactions between factors other than response side.
According to this paper's interpretation, Aristotle argues that to exist potentially is for the infinite to have a potentiality which cannot be actualized in reality but only in thought, because it is a potentiality the process of whose actualization cannot be brought to an end.
Among their topics are the impossibility of governing society, welfare organizations as infinite potential, searching for possibilities between disciplines and codes, citizens as a resource, and the potentiality state.
The thought of potentiality is forged, according to Attell, as a direct response to Derrida's differance.
After Live: Possibility, Potentiality, and the Future of Performance is a major theoretical achievement and an important addition to the extant body of performance scholarship.
The significance of the notions of actuality and potentiality in Plotinus' thought can hardly be overstated.
Tailift s Forklift Division specialises in IC forklifts and electric forklifts, has a production potentiality of 28,000 units, and employs a 1000-strong workforce.
Through this analysis, Agamben's work on study will emerge as central to understanding the perplexing and difficult experience of potentiality as such, or potentiality that is freed from any predetermined outcome.
Likewise, as particle is understood as location in a specific position, and thus the actualization of one of the possible positions given by the wave function, our embodiment is the actualization of our potentiality in space and time.
The BIM for Masonry database will delineate physical characteristics of commonly produced concrete masonry units, and potentiality other qualities encompassing--but not limited to--aesthetics, energy and fire resistance.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Muslim states and nations must seize any opportunity and potentiality in Islamic societies and teachings to expand their commonalities and unity to defuse the plots hatched by the enemies to sow discord among Muslims, said a senior cleric.
The temporality of weak utopianism is not simply the messianic time of the now but also the temporality of perpetual study, where the student holds judgment in suspension in order to experience the potentiality of thought itself.