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Synonyms for potentiality

the inherent capacity for growth or development


Synonyms for potentiality

the inherent capacity for coming into being

an aptitude that may be developed

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Wave functions in quantum physics are not just the potentiality for finding the particle or manifestation at a certain point in time and space; wave function is probability.
The time that creates the potentiality of revolutionary change is Jetztzeit, the now-time or dynamic instant of opportunity and transition known commonly in Agamben's work as kairos.
The second chapter, "Time," adopts potentiality to reinterpret the Heideggerian relationship between time and being not as an inextricable apriori symbiosis but rather as a result of a dynamic process.
This connection becomes evident when considering human potentiality, as contrasted with divine actuality.
The structure of potentiality is my translation of Aristotle's "principle in the science of practical reason.
The importance and expansion potentiality of service sector is defined from the stand point of the demand for the output of this sector likely to go as an input of the other sectors to produce a given level of output.
Therefore the task involves realizing the potentiality that defines the 'not-yet'.
1) He argued that if a potentiality were said to be, in the same way that a thing is, one would confuse the being of a thing with the being of that which enables a thing to be the way it is.
Jacoff surveys these sources with depth, originality, and talent, and pinpoints Dante's theoretical daring on the issue of body-soul, and its potentiality as a means of poetic representation.
The Oceans of Potentiality (OP) Program's projects are located in Hawaii and offer a range of services focused on teaching science, engineering, mathematics and technology to students with disabilities in an inclusive setting.
The potentiality of combining concepts from varied theories into a preliminary framework is discussed.
This recognition coincides with Hazel's epiphanal insights about the potentiality and humanity of her brother Raymond, who is in her terms "not quite right" (23).
I want to tell them to further their talents, artistic expression and artistic potentiality, and to allow their art to reach its highest potential and highest level of excellence.
Susie Bright tells us that sex is an unpredictable circus--a dizzying arena of potentiality that we'd all do well to explore.
But as long as society is polarized by domination it exists as a potentiality.