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a measure of the potential energy of a unit charge at a given point in a circuit relative to a reference point (ground)

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Mr Al Meer said said, "It gives us great pleasure to be collaborating with Ithmr Development Company for providing property finance solutions to potential unit buyers in Dilmunia Island.
Sep 26, 2007 American Airlines American Airlines' shares could rise 50 percent or more in the next year according to a Barron's report that cited factors such as a potential unit spin-off and an improving balance sheet.
You must also obligate your master franchisee to give a disclosure document to potential unit franchisees who either reside in Ontario or Alberta of seek to purchase a franchise located in Ontario.
providing DEP unitholders with an opportunity to benefit from potential unit price appreciation and increased cash distributions through ownership of EPD units; and
The potential unit Total Available Market (TAM) for Tablets is about 50 million in 2014.
The company believes the support program will produce long-term shareholder benefits by mitigating potential unit closures and strengthening our brand during these challenging times.
The potential unit growth rate for these products is expected to be 110% over the next five years," said Alan Niebel, CEO and founder of Web-Feet Research.
The flexible design of the Legacy Buildings(SM) provides a number of potential unit sizes and is suitable for a wide variety of potential uses ranging from R&D, office, high tech and warehouse distribution.
The flexible design of each of the buildings provides a number of potential unit sizes and a wide variety of potential uses ranging from R&D, office, technology and warehouse distribution.
He revealed 70% of the potential units were already filled, mostly by major high street restaurant chains, but vowed there would be some space for independent restaurants and bars.
Total quantity or scope: 5 potential units could be ordered under this framework agreement
An initial expression of interest process is now under way for potential units within the site, with ideas invited by next Wednesday.
The amount of shops and restaurants that have gone under recently mean that availability for potential units is high so to be bringing new shell opportunities to the market is tough but the interest shows the strength of the location.
Antoinette Sandbach, prospective Parliamentary candidate for Delyn, says the secrecy surrounding the potential units which would house people on bail was unacceptable.