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(of a potted plant) grown too large for its container resulting in matting or tangling of the roots


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Potbound roots are in danger of "girdling"--encircling the inside of the pot.
6When you can see roots coming out of the bottom of a pot, it's time to re-pot it, otherwise it will become potbound and cease to grow.
Do not repot the plant when you get it home - generally a good practice with houseplants - because azaleas bloom best when potbound.
If you have any plants that are potbound, re-pot with fresh (peat-free) compost.
You don't have to worry about potbound or girdled roots, or about matching container soil to garden soil.
Knock the plant from its pot if potbound, and stand the rootball in the centre of the hole.
Overgrown plants in full flower are often potbound or stressed.
Divide and repot Clivias and any other houseplants that are potbound.
But beware: it could be potbound, with its roots entwined ina matted circle inside the container, and unlikely to grow well when transplanted.