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having a large belly

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Potbellied pigs appeal to those who find them cute and who appreciate their intelligent, affectionate nature, Maxwell said.
The black potbellied pig is approximately the size of a Labrador.
But what I am also thinking about is the possibility of using a potbellied boar as a stud for larger breed sows.
A Vietnamese potbellied porker, the pig is named the Countess.
No self-respecting alien wants to be compared to that bigheaded, Reese's Pieces-eating, potbellied, bicycle-basket-riding, red-fingered twerp.
These works are studies, two-to-three times life-size, of the standing male nude, short, potbellied, hairy, aging: Coplans himself - his sole subject since the early '80s (he is now 75).
Ganesa is usually depicted as colored red; he is potbellied, has one tusk broken, and has four arms that may hold a noose, a goad, a pot of rice or sweetmeats, and his broken tusk, or that may bestow boons or protection.
That's all he ever made in the potbellied stove in his snug little kitchen.
The llamas are holding their share of the market, but we're seeing more individuals getting into potbellied pigs and other animals known as exotics," confirms Bob Peterson, Oregon State University Cooperative Extension agent for Deschutes County.
Like Don Quixote, Hudibras is of comical appearance, humpbacked and potbellied, with an untidy yellow - red beard.
Potbellied pig painters will become hams of a different nature as they exhibit their artistic ability at an art show and demonstration being held Sunday, June 15 from noon to 4 p.
There are already two Vietnamese potbellied pigs in Kilfinane named Wayne and Coleen, after the troubled footballer and his wife.
With more warm weather expected, chiefs at Glasgow Zoo are offering free entry to children who bring a bottle of sun lotion to help protect the Vietnamese potbellied pigs.
How else could so many stubbled, potbellied men in their 50s, cloaked in black suits on hot days, trailing ponytails and puffing cigs, get in shape to hoof the five miles a day, over stone streets, required of any serious tour of the exhibitions?
They should also remember the case of the Vietnamese potbellied pig.