potato wart

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fungous disease causing dark warty spongy excrescences in the eyes of potato tubers

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After the ban of potato growing in Nigde and Nevsehir provinces due to the potato wart disease, Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilbersky) Percival), the demand for potato growing in Konya region is become very important.
The Committee was attempting to carry out a resolution of the legislative assembly requiring it to conduct a "full and complete examination" of the potato wart crisis.
Of course potato wart is not harmful to humans; it is quarantined because it is harmful to potatoes.
The United States has slapped a ban on potatoes from Prince Edward Island near Quebec in Canada after the potato wart fungus was found in a small section of one field.
As reported in the Spring 2002 issue of Canadian Parliamentary Review, the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment was charged with the responsibility of conducting a full and complete examination of the events leading up to and subsequent to the discovery of potato wart fungus in the Province in October 2000.
As previously reported, the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment took the unusual step in December of issuing warrants to two representatives of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency following their repeated refusal to appear voluntarily before the Committee to assist in its investigation into the potato wart crisis.
After an interim report submitted during the fall sitting, the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment will continue its examination into the potato wart crisis over the winter and make a final report in the spring.