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crisp fried potato peeling

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Add the topping ingredients to the bowl of potato and mix until fairly smooth, then blob it on top of the fish filling in each potato skin.
Potato Skin It 2 Win It" invites Checkers/Rally's guests from across the country to try the new Loaded Potato Skins and take a photo or shoot a video showing how they slam or stuff Loaded Potato Skins in their mouths, faces, etc.
Place your saved potato skins on an ungreased baking sheet.
Mondy disputes the claim that nutrients are concentrated in the potato skin.
Potato Skins with Smoked Trout and Horseradish Cream (makes 34): You will need six medium red potatoes, pricked over with a fork; olive oil; 100g crme fraiche; 1 tbsp grated fresh horseradish or 2 tbsp horseradish sauce; 150g smoked trout, cut into small pieces; one small red onion, finely chopped; small bunch roughly chopped fresh dill.
The US bagged snacks include the TGI Fridays signature loaded potato skin appetizers in three flavours, along with quesadilla, mozzarella snack sticks, onion rings and hot pepper Jack cheese fries.
A new twist on everyday fries, these delicious 10mm fries are topped and tailed with crunchy potato skin.
Johns says the slurry apparently offers protection from glycoalkaloids, secondary compounds in the potato skin that could otherwise cause illness.
Put a dollop of the horseradish creme fraiche into each potato skin, top with smoked trout and sprinkle with the red onion and fresh dill.
I ordered the unusual potato skin stuffed with crab and avocado (pounds 4.
Now, normally I'd advise taking them hot from the oven and smashing them on a hard surface - this 'shatters' the flesh and makes them fluffy on the inside - but this time we're after a nice deep bowl of potato skin, so carefully remove the topmost fifth of the potato, and scoop all the flesh into a mouli or mash by hand.
Bennigan's is introducing its extended Monte Cristo sandwich line as part of the limited-time menu which also highlights new signature drinks and potato skin appetizers.
The pupils' interest in grubs began a couple of years ago when they launched a potato skin project.
HOW TO COOK LIKE HESTON C4 8pm LAST ONE Heston Blumenthal takes on the humble spud, cooking up bizarre recipes like potato doughnuts and potato skin jam.
The potato skin starter is surrounded by salad and looks tempting with its hint of frilly, white undercoat on sho w.