potato race

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a novelty race in which competitors move potatoes from one place to another one at a time

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The city-sponsored event will include live music presented by The Next Level Band and competitions from the Antelope Valley Fair's Rural Olympics, including a potato race, tractor barrel race and antique car event.
The Potato Race is a contest between two people where the winner is the first person to collect a row of 12 potatoes and put them in a basket.
Getting ready for the potato race at the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza are Sarah Jones and Caroline Naughton of sponsors Cartrefi Conwy
The gymkhana cls asses were - the bending race, walk trot and run, the potato race, the egg-and-spoon race, bun race, cup race, apple bobbing, the sweetie race, flag race and the post-box race.
Events will include a tractor barrel race, potato race and antique car onion steal.
In a potato race, the passenger leans out the car window and spears potatoes while the driver steers through a course.
Ray and I were practicing for the potato race and he says, `Can you believe two adults' doing this?
31, featuring hay loading and tractor driving contests, and a potato race with antique cars.
John Knapp started competing in the Rural Olympics in 1970 in the potato race.
The whole school from nursery through to year six put their strength, speed and stamina to the test in fruit-themed events ranging from potato races to pepper tossing.
Adding an element of fun will be sack and potato races in the open gymkhana event together with a prize for the best fancy dressed mounted rider.