potato peelings

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crisp fried potato peeling

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Challenged on a peel: A reader has questioned Challenged on a peel: A reader has questioned |Carol's use of potato peelings
will receive a $350,000 Alternative and Clean Energy program grant for the purchase and installation of an anaerobic digester that will produce biogas from manure and potato peelings in Nottingham.
Nothing went to waste in our house, what little waste we had like potato peelings, were boiled up with stinging nettles and fed to the chickens.
It was also researching the idea of using potato peelings in Walkers packaging.
Summary: Recycled potato peelings could be used to create crisp packets within 18 months, the UK's largest crisp manufacturer has claimed.
MUM KNOWS BEST Oven-baked potato peelings also make a cheap and healthy snack.
I keep getting asked what I put it down to, and I wish I could come up with something really clever, like 'it's these new potato peelings I'm feeding them', but they're just happy and healthy, like they've always been.
Everything from potato peelings to soggy old tea bags can be transformed into an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source.
Anyone who thinks composting is just a matter of chucking a few potato peelings in the bin is seriously mistaken.
Kevin Davies, 29, died after being locked in the wooden building in Bream, in the Forest of Dean, for four months, where he was beaten daily and fed on potato peelings.
SANTA CLARITA -- A program that allows residents to dump wilted lettuce, potato peelings and other organic food waste in with their yard clippings has been suspended pending a special permit needed for the operation.
And I like making the potato peelings into long curly shapes anyway.
There among the dinner vegetables it stands, eight inches of light-green plastic shaped into a genuine glow-in-the-dark statue of Our Lady of Fatima, reigning in splendor amid a small mountain of potato peelings.
The system seemed to be--throw in your potato peelings and the contents of the little bags and let the worms loose to do their miraculous work.