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As a side note, we hopefully learned a couple of things from the Irish potato famine: 1) always choose a plot of ground that hasn't grown potatoes, tomatoes, or any other potato family member for at least the previous three years, and 2) save your best unblemished, variably-sized and disease-free potatoes for next year's seed.
1 THE ROYLE FAMILY (1998-): Gags galore from the couch potato family.
It belongs to the potato family, Solanaceae and is part of a small Genus of plants called Lycium-Lycium barbarum specifically.
Other plants in the potato family (Solanaceae) are also blooming now.
They are in the potato family but don't let the kids munch them - they are poisonous.
The potato family includes potatoes, aubergine, peppers, tomatoes and chilli.