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Blue potato bush or Paraguay nightshade (Lycianthes rantonnetii) is one of the most confounding ornamentals you can grow.
I have encountered their unique smell mingled with that of the potato bush while boating across Kariba in the dark, miles from any shore, or while racing home at close of day on the Zambezi.
Blue potato bush (Lycianthes rantonettii) is at the top of the list of inscrutable, late-summer horticultural wonders.
There is also the unforgettable tapestry hedge of orange 'Livin' Easy' roses intertwined with 'Purple Robe' potato bush.
HEDGES: Once it reaches a height of 5 feet, blue potato bush (Solanum rantonettii) flowers virtually year-round in full or partial sun.
For a flowering hedge in full or partial sun, my favorite Valley selection would be the blue potato bush (Solanum rantonettii).