potassium nitrate

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(KNO3) used especially as a fertilizer and explosive

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Kemapco is a subsidiary of the Arab Potash Company, and operates a single potassium nitrate plant in Aqaba, Jordan.
Geographical segmentation and analysis of the potassium nitrate market
I sprayed Ethrel and potassium nitrate on alternate tree branches," he said, adding that he was surprised when nodes started appearing a week later on the branches he sprayed with potassium nitrate.
They searched the Internet using social media networks and found a way using potassium nitrate, found in sheep fertiliser and gunpowder.
Compared with the control group, the group of patients who used the dentifrice containing potassium nitrate showed a statistically significant reduction in tooth sensitivity during the first week after the first bleaching session.
15) According to the FDA, for potassium nitrate toothpaste to claim to be desensitizing it must contain 5% of the ingredient.
Seven tenders requesting international offers from companies & agents to supply of (a) 10 tons centralite, (b) 60 tons di butyl phthalate, (c) 2 tons di venyl amine, (d) 80 tons potassium nitrate, (e) Apple type paper for laboratories, (f) violet methyl test paper & (g) laboratory chemicals.
They also found unopened jars of deadly chemicals like sulphur powder and potassium nitrate as well as 20,000 child porn images.
The teenager, who was arrested at his home in Northamptonshire in February last year, also confessed to having sulphur powder and potassium nitrate.
The new HealthyWhite Formula has even more potassium nitrate and a preferred mint flavor, Philips says.
Prosecutor Paul Kearney said Peach had bought 1kg bags of explosives - potassium nitrate and aluminium and sulphur powders - online.
Among the components found were bags of potassium nitrate, sulphur, saltpetre, pressure cookers and headlight bulbs, "all products or instruments useful in the making of what we call improvised explosives," Molins said.
In a desperate bid to keep the viewer interested, Gates even resorted to demonstrating the explosive attributes of potassium nitrate (used to stop potentially fatal clostridium botulinum--and in gunpowder), made his own by peeing on some horse manure and, the piece de resistance, baked a cake using E numbers from his own body.
Mavi (2004) evaluated the effects of osmo-priming (using solution of potassium nitrate for 6 days at 24[degrees]C) and hydropriming (using distilled water with temperature of 30[degrees]C for 18 days) on watermelon germination under 3 different temperatures of 15, 25, and 38[degrees]C, coming to conclusion that no significant impact of osmopriming and hydro-priming would be found between 25 and 38[degrees]C on seed germination.
He appeared at Woolwich Crown Court last week, charged with possessing gunpowder, potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulphur, and an improvised pipe bomb, made of copper tubing and tape.