potassium ferrocyanide

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a cyanide compound that is prepared by the reaction of potassium cyanide with ferrous salts

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By using three types of enzymes, the quantity of pyrophoric acid is converted to an equivalent quantity of potassium ferrocyanide, an electron mediator, making measurement of the oxidation current possible, a world-first achievement.
Chief prosecutor Salvatore Vecchione said the substance, which was undergoing analysis, appeared to be potassium ferrocyanide.
003 mmol/L potassium ferrocyanide, 97 mmol/L sodium phosphate (pH 7.
Triethylenetetraminehexaacetic acid (TTHA), potassium ferrocyanide, sodium azide, glutathione (reduced and oxidized forms), ascorbate, and various amino acids and guanidino compounds including creatine were obtained from Sigma.
The content of potassium ferrocyanide (to be added to prevent caking of salt) - 20 mg / kg
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