potassium cyanide

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a poisonous salt (KCN) used in electroplating and in photography

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In order to provide the cyanohydrins, first sulfonic is produced which is a sediment and then by adding potassium cyanide to the sulfonic compound, the nitrile group is replaced and the compound of 4-t-butyl-2-(Npiperidinomethyl)cyanocyclohexane is obtained which had active optical chiral centers and is a new analog of active optical cyanohydrin family.
The potassium cyanide containers are understood to have been clearly marked as containing toxic substances.
But is there any detail that brings Clover to life the way Henry becomes shockingly present when we read that, after Clover's death, he kept a half-empty vial of potassium cyanide in his writing desk?
As we spiralled downwards towards the bottom of the gorge, I wondered whether the ghastly mess we had found in 2005-74 empty and eight full 44-gallon drums of potassium cyanide, rolls of plastic and abandoned clothing, wire and metal--would still be there.
Forty-one year-old Mr Heywood died on 14 November last year having been summoned from Beijing by Gu Kailai to the Nanshang Lijing Holiday Hotel some days before and given a drink believed to be laced with potassium cyanide.
Despite the fact that Stalin had suffered minor strokes before, Pirjavec claims the then 74-year-old had been poisoned with potassium cyanide.
Potassium Cyanide is deadly and was used by the LTTE Tigers of Sri Lanka to commit suicide when necessary.
The Mingjing news site last night said an official in Chongqing admitted to police that he provided one of Bo's men with potassium cyanide drops used in the killing.
UTSUNOMIYA, Japan - A plating company in Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture, reported to police on Thursday about the loss of 500 grams of potassium cyanide that could kill 2,500 people, police said.
For example, potassium cyanide is a systemic toxicant in that it affects virtually every cell and organ in the body by interfering with cells' ability to utilize oxygen.
The kit contained a rope, a knife, an ice pick, a syringe, a knife, a potassium cyanide pouch and a strip of Viagra tablets.
Sotheby's notes on the lot give some idea of a typical month in the life of Sir Bernard: "In the unexceptional month of January 1922, for example, Spilsbury records the following deaths: a domestic servant poisoned by potassium cyanide and then thrown in the Lea in Hackney, a suicide by cyanide in Hampstead, four 'sudden deaths', three heart attacks, one woman who died as the result of a criminal abortion, a pulmonary embolism, a death during an operation to remove the appendix, and the brutal murder of a 79-year-old woman ("at least 11 blows on head & blows on hands by blunt object, three cuts by sharp cutting weapon on neck, right hand having grasped weapon, six depressed fractures of skull").
There were cuts on his wrists and when police arrived they discovered two glasses of red wine and potassium cyanide in tablet and crystal form on the bedside table.
Dr Gaynor Davies, who specialised in prostate cancer, was found dead by her aunt in the home they shared in Elm Grove, Aberdare, after taking potassium cyanide.