potassium chlorate

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a white salt (KClO3) used in matches, fireworks, and explosives

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Cruz said since the late 1990s, their association has been pushing for modernization of the industry, however, the much cheaper chemical ingredients potassium chlorate and sulfur are still available in the market and thus used by local fireworks manufacturers to cut cost.
District/Police Authorities shall collect samples of fireworks from the premises of manufacturers and submit the same to Regional Chemical Examiners Laboratory at Ernakulam well in advance to be tested for potassium chlorate or any other chlorate.
He said that there was evidence that as Pakistan tightened the control on sale and distribution of CAN, terrorists simply switched to other precursors, like Potassium Chlorate, not produced in Pakistan.
The list includes hydrogen peroxide, nitromethane, nitric acid, potassium chlorate and potassium perchlorate.
Imam's group chose potassium chlorate for this purpose.
Among materials seized from the house were grenades, detonators and potassium chlorate, Iskandar said.
Add a jelly baby to potassium chlorate when it has been heated to melting point - Pow
5) with potassium chlorate (200 mM) and arginine (10 mM) as sole N-source and incubated at the indicated selection temperature.
Good bores were not guaranteed, thanks to diets of ammo with potassium chlorate priming.
We have moved on from laudanum, nepenthe and the Brompton Cocktail and those magnificent mixtures such as mistura create aromata cum opio and gargarisma potassium chlorate et phenol to an ever-increasing selection of pills and capsules.
Five redox indicators (2,3'-diphenylamine dicar-boxylic acid, diphenylaminesulfonic acid, diphenylamine, iodine:starch, and luminol) were evaluated against hydrogen peroxide and potassium chlorate.
According to Nataprawira, from the Tuesday arrest, police also confiscated at least 21 ready-to-use bombs, dozens of bullets, eight detonators, some electric bomb circuits and a huge quantity of potassium chlorate, aluminum powder, potassium nitrate, urea and other explosive materials.
They are primarily involved in producing intermediaries including phosphorus and potassium chlorate for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, paints, detergents and water treatment chemicals.
The Gaffs agreed in 2001 to stop distributing chemicals, including potassium chlorate and potassium perchlorate, to customers it knew were making illegal fireworks.
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