potassium bromide

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a white crystalline salt (KBr) used as a sedative and in photography

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I was in the army and knew a good deal more about the effects of potassium bromide than most people.
On 13 November 2003, at the start of the fallow period following harvest of the 2003 wheat crop, potassium bromide was applied to the surface of several 1-[m.
Alumina powder (Ranbaxy,India), Potassium bromide (Merck, India), Deuterated Chloroform (Aldrich, USA), Tetrahydrofuran (SD Fine Chemicals, India).
Indeed, bromides had entered medical practice in 1857 when Charles Locock, a London physician, described how he had used potassium bromide to treat a patient with "hysterical epilepsy.
There are two types of drug that can be used in combination, phenobarbitone and potassium bromide (which was used during the wars to reduce sex drive in soldiers
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