potassium bitartrate

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a salt used especially in baking powder

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Various vinification techniques, some of which make use of a deacidifying agent, are used for reducing acidity; for example, potassium bicarbonate is used for reducing tartaric acid by precipitating it in potassium bitartrate salt form.
The mono-substituted potassium bitartrate may form crystal structures.
During aging, sometimes in fermentation and cold stabilization, there will be significant precipitation of potassium bitartrate.
These treatments utilize aspects of the chemistry and physics discussed in Part I (Winter 2013 PWV Journal) to manipulate the formation of potassium bitartrate crystals.
The method was quite effective, getting rid of nearly any level of potassium bitartrate instability and handling the somewhat less common but equally annoying calcium bitartrate issues at the same time.
Unlike bulk chilling, which can noticeably reduce tartaric acid content, electro-dialysis barely lowers that needle, instead removing potassium ions and bitartrate base that can combine into potassium bitartrate and precipitate out of solution as crystals.
Laffort recommends Mannostab for reds as well, but does note in its published literature, "The instability of the coloring matter in red wines is a parameter which can compromise potassium bitartrate stability over time.