potassium bicarbonate

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a crystalline salt (KHCO3) that is used in baking powder and as an antacid

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And while potassium bicarbonate is more expensive than sodium bicarbonate, we have offset the cost in our own recipes through the use of egg replacers, thereby making the cost in use lower--we can also make that expertise available to our manufacturing partners.
A liberal lacing of sodium and potassium bicarbonate makes it fizz.
mancozeb, myclobutanil, potassium bicarbonate, thiophanate methyl.
When the authors added a potassium bicarbonate buffer to neutralize the acid produced by the excess protein, they found that the calcium and phosphorus balance became "less negative or more positive.
The Potassium Bicarbonate (CAS 298-14-6) Market Research Report 2011 examines the global and regional market by contemplating and analysing its parameters.
E275151002 For Supply Of 90 Percent Potassium Bicarbonate Base Dry Chemical Powder
Researchers randomly assigned 171 men and women over age 50 to take potassium bicarbonate (6,750 mg a day), sodium bicarbonate (5,670 mg a day), potassium chloride (5,030 mg a day), or a placebo.
The use of potassium bicarbonate to deliver potassium to foods is outlined, covering economics, compatibility with other ingredients and data on taste and sweetness enhancing behaviors.