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thick (often creamy) soup


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Take almond mylk, and draw hit up thik with vernage, [white wine] and let hit boyle, and braune of capons braied, and put therto; and cast therto sugre, clowes [cloves], maces, pynes, and ginger, mynced; and take chekyns parboyled, and chopped, and pul of the skyn, and boyle al ensemble, and in the settynge doune from the fire, put therto a lytel vynegur alaied [mixed] with pouder of ginger, and a lytel water of everose,[rose-water] and make the potage hanginge [thick], and serve hit forthe.
Dad's version of, "Too many cooks" was: "A superfluity of culinary experts sabotages the potage.
Taking notice, the Election Commission sought video potage of Malik Habib in which he made a statement in favour Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) chief Nawaz Sharif saying that the PML-N leader was the only real leader in Pakistan.
Cargill s donation will support Projet 80 s Ruelle Potage - an urban green space located in the heart of Montreal in which students are responsible for tending to and cultivating their own vegetable garden.
As the author and academician, Professor Sample Terreblanche observed in his book, A History of Inequality in South Africa 1652-2OO2 "The ANC's core leaders effectively sold its sovereign freedom to implement an independent and appropriate socio-economic policy for a mess of potage when it entered into several compromises with the corporate sector and its global partners.
Along with her protest activities, Arwa has been creating a potage documentary of the Yemeni revolution since February, a film for which she was recently a winner of XXX.
There is particular attention paid to soups, of Portuguese, French and Italian origin, one with the enigmatic title "Queen's Potage Soup", likely a reference to Queen Victoria.
through a thick potage of their main food nutrient, herring-spawn, to
Culturally it has always been a potage of languages, peoples and traditions.
Thick and creamy, she said the flavour of saffron really came through and the clever use of herbs lifted what could otherwise have been a rather mundane bowl of potage.
And sirs|also it healeth ielousy And though a man be fall in ielous rage Let make with this water his potage And never shall he more his wyfe mistriste Though he in sothe the defaute by her wyste All had she take prestes two orre.
There is a path leading to the potage with raised vegetable plots, outbuilding and greenhouse.
To the right is the grandstand, whose other features include the Silken Glider restaurant (nothing too pretentious - heirloom tomato and fennel potage, green olive crushed skin on new potatoes), Jodami's bar (it's an excellent racecourse for putting the apostrophes in the correct place), display cabinets full of artefacts relating to various heroes (I know a lot more about Joe Canty than I did before), and other features too numerous to mention.