pot metal

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cast iron used for making cooking wares

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an alloy of copper and lead used especially for making large pots

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In older airplanes, locks are made of inexpensive pot metal and with a limited number of tumbler combinations, they're both easily pickable and openable by hundreds of keys floating around in the world at large.
The promotional car models were distributed by car dealers during the 1950s and '60s; in Don's collection are examples made of heavy plastic, pot metal and die-cast iron.
There have been many copies of the great Bo-Mar constructed from aluminum, castings, pot metal and MIM, but none ever matched the quality, precision and function of the great Bo-Mar BMCS (Bo-Mar Competition Sight) adjustable rear sight.
Most failed to listen and have constantly come up with bad ideas such as parts that fall off the pistol when the grips are removed, to sights made of pot metal that simply fall apart under recoil.
Silver, copper wire and pot metals are recycled into new forms.