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a plot of ground where marijuana is grown and harvested (often hidden in a national forest)

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Illicit pot farms are an increasing phenomenon on public land.
He was also working on converting an eight-wheel trailer into a mobile WMD lab of a pot farm known as the Big Bud (motto: "Size DOES Matter").
Lawsuits have been filed on four houses in Palmdale and one in Lancaster, where deputies found pot farms equipped with elaborate lighting, irrigation, air filtration and ventilation systems.
EARLY ONE MORNING in August 2005, a small team of game wardens and deputies climbed through coyote brush and manzanita in the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve outside San Jose, California, searching for an illegal pot farm.
And just 10 days before that we reported on another large pot farm at Banbury Way, North Shields, which was thought to have the potential to earn its owners pounds 1m.
Now, you could be fretting about Sanjaya's emotional well-being or fear being the last homeowner in San Gabriel without an indoor pot farm, but for those who follow the Lakers, the question and concern is always the same.
I don't sleep more easily knowing that the pot farm two blocks from my house has been shut down.
The daylong job was the culmination of months of surveillance after the pot farm was discovered during air patrols, Florea said.
The Matilija Canyon pot farm was discovered during a routine flyover by authorities hunting for backcountry marijuana cultivation sites.
Rather than confront or attempt to arrest a suspect, they're instructed to quietly and precisely mark the location of a pot farm using a hand-held global positioning satellite receiver or GPS device.
A few years ago, Northern California officials had been investigating Moreaux in connection with an indoor pot farm there, said Butte County sheriff's Deputy Pat Dickie.
The latest pot farm discovery occurred Friday when a pair of deer hunters, attempting to get a jump on Saturday's opening of the deer season, stumbled upon 5,500 marijuana plants growing in the brush in the forest north of Fillmore.
Eugene defense attorney Mike Arnold started One Gro earlier this year and already operates pot farms near Eugene and Cottage Grove.
California's newly legalised marijuana industry also was hit hard, with at least 20 pot farms in Sonoma, Mendocino and Napa counties ravaged, said Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the CaliforniaGrowers Association.
Planners describe a marijuana-friendly town of bed-and-breakfasts, pot farms and dispensaries for tourists to visit.