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one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order

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The bishop asked Wesley, who was at that time already a postulant, to attend Wycliffe College for a term, become ordained and return to Moosonee to take on a ministry among his own people.
Brother Stephen tells a new postulant, "Once upon a time, my friend, we were all like you.
She has been accepted as a postulant for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.
It tells the story of a young postulant, Maria, as she becomes a part of the musical von Trapp family.
Matt Humm is a postulant in the Company of Jesus--an ecumenical
Set in Salzburg, Austria in the late 1930's, THE SOUND OF MUSIC is the inspiring true story of the postulant Maria Rainer, played by Meg Tolin.
Thomas Merton: "A postulant said this morning, 'How deep do they dig a grave?
In the popularly studied Bambara kore initiation society, the postulant sacrifices his egocentric orientation to the world, purges himself of his limited terrestrial life through symbolic death, becomes "savory nourishment" for the mouth of God (Zahan 63), and is reborn a new man "spiritually enlightened and endowed with the 'Word,' that is, possessing an immortal soul that bears the form of the universe and God himself" (Zuesse 152).
In fact, he even took her to see the bishop in her quest to become a postulant.
7, 10 and 22) An adaptation of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about a young postulant who falls in love with a widowed sea captain while serving as governess to his seven children in pre-World War II Austria.
Maria: The female lead is an innocent and naive, but vivacious young postulant in the convent in her 20s.
Julie Atherton as postulant Mary Robert meanwhile has a soaring range, while Cynthia Erivo gives a bright and ballsy vocal performance in the lead role.
Angelo's attempt to seduce a postulant nun, would have been the stuff of backstreet cabaret.
Schulman, the production has been hailed by critics as an inspired restaging of the romantic musical based on the true story of a feisty Austrian postulant, Maria Rainer, who brings out the kinder, gentler side of an authoritarian Navy captain.
La route est ainsi barree face a tout autre postulant, d'une facon manipulee et sournoise.