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(linguistics) the placing of one linguistic element after another (as placing a modifier after the word that it modifies in a sentence or placing an affix after the base to which it is attached)

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If the NP occurs with a case suffix or a postposition, these have to follow the article and after the head noun:
This can be seen both in the verbs and in the complements used in these constructions: the hierarchy preposition < postposition < quasi-adposition reflects 1) an increasing proportion (from the left to the right) of verbs that indicate the exertion of a force against an opposing force (such as 'push', 'break through', 'penetrate'), and 2) an increasing proportion of obstacle-like (as opposed to medium-like) complements.
In the cases of postposition, the nuclear assertion, that is, the asseveration, is expressed first; then objection is expressed, which is used, in a way, in the defense of the viewpoint expressed.
When counting the number of words, postpositions that are attached at the end of words in Korean were not counted as a word because the Korean syntax does not allow a blank between noun and the postpositions, therefore they were allowed to be omitted without loss of meaning.
Things are equally simple with the oblique NPs, although the slots we are dealing with here are not set up by the verb in the relative clause, but by postpositions or possessor NPs:
Changes from baseline to the 15-minute postposition assessment mean change scores showed a downward trend for Pbt[O.
In Dutch, changing the preposition in into a postposition changes the meaning from position to destination.
In Akebu a preposition and a postposition of the Possessives are possible.
Thus, forms such as "kon" (ko, postposition marking objects) and "naom" (nao/nav, name) were common in older forms of Hindi/Urdu.
En outre, on aura remarque la syntaxe particuliere de ce passage au discours indirect libre avec, notamment, la dislocation par postposition du referent (<<Where are they now, the Hillman Imps of yesteryear?
noun phrase with postposition "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII](wa),"
The typical example is the Balkan area, where languages of different types and families, such as Romanian (Romance), Albanian, Greek, and the Slavonic languages Macedonian and Bulgarian share, in partial or complete form, the absence of verbal infinitives, the postposition of the definite article, certain aspectual distinctions in verbs, etc.
The postposition O indicates the direct object, the theme particle WA the subject (in this sentence).
KENTUCKY DERBY runner-up Bluegrass Cat is favourite to go one better in the Belmont Stakes after yesterday's postposition draw put him in box nine of 12.
This order of Kiranti satisfies Greenberg's non-absolute universal 5 and 21 (Song 2001:6-7 and Comrie 1981:19) having postposition and the 'np' order string as-