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happening or done after a surgical operation

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Radiation may be administered preoperatively or postoperatively and targets osteoblast differentiation.
Postoperatively, the rabbits were housed individually at 20[degrees]C and fed a normal diet with free access to water.
8) determined in their study that all of the 44 patients who used a lubricant preoperatively reduced their usage postoperatively.
At ten months postoperatively the patient was readdressed with left tibial pain.
2]O) preoperatively, 3 weeks postoperatively and 3 months postoperative in TURP and open prostatectomy groups.
Distance BCVA remained unchanged or improved in 98% of eyes at three months postoperatively.
Most of the 121 women--across both groups--used at least one laxative postoperatively, mainly osmotic laxatives.
Overall, the X-STOP results revealed physical function to improve the most at 3 months and provide short-term improvement of LSS symptoms at 1 year postoperatively (Siddiqui et al.
Only one of these patients simultaneously underwent a ureteroneocystostomy and augmentation cystoplasty; vesicoureteral reflux was not detected postoperatively in the remaining six patients.
One of the major causes of suboptimal uncorrected visual acuity postoperatively is induced corneal astigmatism.
Patients undergoing laminectomy face a variety of concerns both pre- and postoperatively which may affect their emotional state and increase surgical risk.
This may occur either prior to surgical drainage, during airway management or postoperatively.
The authors then examined whether those who underwent surgery had been found to have metastatic disease prior to surgery, or postoperatively.