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happening or done after a surgical operation

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Placebo group (group-II) was given intravenous analgesia drugs including nalbuphine 10 mg or ketorolac 30 mg for postoperative pain management.
The following outcomes were studied: major systemic postoperative complications, deep venous thrombosis (DVT), and local complications within 30 postoperative days.
2 percent experienced postoperative shivering, compared to 73.
The aim of this study was to analyze the management of postoperative pain after carpal tunnel syndrome surgical treatment in a tertiary hospital and to compare it with the guidelines for perioperative pain management.
Thirty five (35) patients underwent open drainage for large postoperative pericardial effusion including 21 male and 14 females (3:2).
The purpose of the present study was to objectively measure changes in the levels of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the serum of patients undergoing laparoscopic and open cholecystectomy and to study their impact on the postoperative outcome of the patients in terms of postoperative pain.
Table-II: Statistical analysis of preoperative, early postoperative and late postoperative testicular blood flow compared with contralateral testes.
This research displayed prolonged cardiopulmonary bypass time, perioperative brain stroke (CVA), postoperative acute respiratory failure, postoperative acute renal failure are the independent risk factors for prolonged ICU stay time in patients undergoing surgery for treatment of standford type A acute aortic dissection.
The maximum postoperative endodontic pain level experienced by patients has been reported within the first two to 10 hours.
Levels of postoperative nausea, vomiting, and sedation were assessed using a 4-point verbal scale (None, mild, moderate, and severe).
The Braden scale (Braden & Bergstrom, 1988) is a widely used tool to assess pressure ulcer risk, and Braden scores have been associated with postoperative morbidity in general surgery patients; however, this scale has not been evaluated in the urogynecologic setting.
In view of all these and with the availability of two fulltime pediatric surgeons and increased number of referred surgical neonates owing to 108 ambulance service, a study was carried out in the NICU of SSG Hospital, Vadodara, to evaluate the profile of postoperative sepsis in neonates.
Pain score on first postoperative day and duration of hospital stay were noted on visual analog scale (VAS).
Intraoperative and postoperative anaesthetic and analgesic effect of multipoint transcutaneous electrical acupuncture stimulation combined with sufentanil anaesthesia in patients undergoing supratentorial craniotomy.
Objective: To compare patients undergoing thyroid surgery without the placement of a drain versus patients undergoing surgery with placement of drain; in terms of hospital stay, operative pain score, amount of fluid collection in the neck and postoperative complications.