postmortem examination

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an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

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0% (178/424) of the fatal CA cases, the cause of death stated on the autopsy/ postmortem examination report was multiple injuries, indicative of the extent and multiplicity of injuries sustained in the CA fatalities.
A postmortem examination has taken place and a number of unexplained physical injuries have been identified.
A mutilated body of an unidentified man aged 40 was also found that was shifted to ASH for postmortem examination.
Postmortem examination revealed milky white kidneys, white crystalline deposits in the pericardial sack, and white crystals in one intertarsal joint.
A postmortem examination carried out on August 25 failed to establish a cause of death and investigations are continuing, the court heard.
9%) included material discussing the postmortem examination in courses discussing end-of-life issues.
A postmortem examination revealed Ms Green, 53, died as a result of stab wounds to the chest.
Though his technique of postmortem examination was not recorded, he claimed, "The postmortems are performed under my supervision by the students attending the hospital, and the system of inspection followed is that of Virchow, at the Charite, Berlin, fully given in his Sections-technik.
Pathologist Jan Lowe said a postmortem examination revealed Mrs Hooker had no drugs or drink in her system and her only medical issue was an overactive thyroid.
Steeves claimed he found his wife unconscious on the kitchen floor but a postmortem examination found the cause of her death was cyanide poisoning.
South Shropshire coroner Anthony Sibcy had been made aware and a postmortem examination would be held.
He also covers postmortem examination, toxicology, cause of death, and examination of the scene and vehicle, as well as collision reconstruction.
Permission was obtained for postmortem examination.
He said a postmortem examination indicated the CPR was done when the inmate was already dead.
6) They found no nodal involvement at the time of postmortem examination.