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Synonyms for postmortal

occurring or done after death


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In addition, the presence of E coli DNA in our case, but not in several control cases buried nearby, merely excludes the possibility that postmortal spread of E coli may have occurred in those bodies.
At death, these two kinds of "souls" are each transformed into a different kind of postmortal "soul.
1997: 14) were willing to concede only "something of the Nayuq nature" is, at least as a mythological postmortal, and indeed as all human and mythological ancestors, to be referred to as nayuq, or [nayuq] timang.
As for the Benuaq, the same conclusion could be drawn, but would be valid only for that one concept of Benuaq personhood which understands the postmortal human existence (liau, kelelungan) as a direct continuation of juus.
As regards postmortal human existence two other terms were identified, liau and kelelungan understood in earlier literature as (1) two different kinds of (2) "spirits of the dead" (3) originating in juus.