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of or relating to postmodernism


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The point here is that, given Jernigan's working definition and his very selective sampling of Stoppard's work, I find it very difficult to call Stoppard a postmodernist even during this early stage of his career.
I think, to a large extent, it is the general lack of scholarship on postmodernist poetry that leads to lesser attention to McHale's scholarship of postmodernist poetry.
Six chapters address postmodernist representations and include discussion of America as a "stereotype" and a "beautiful imperialist," as invincible and surreal, as desexualized (Lars Von Trier's Dogville) Said's America, and Hassan's radical identification with America.
One might ask, considering this necessarily brief summary, how do the above elements constitute postmodernist expression in contrast to avant-garde expression?
Rather, he focuses in on debates among "passionate adherents of the pro-, anti-, and ambivalent postmodernist schools," but with no sense of how the pieces interact in terms of their subject matter and their understanding of how Jewishness is represented in contemporary culture (8).
I've never really bought into the postmodernists, partly because I can hardly ever understand what they're saying.
Still, all that sounds more like an old Romantic than a contemporary postmodernist.
Another difficulty arises from this monograph's postmodernist interpretation.
A historical dictionary of postmodernist literature and theater is certain to generate debate on numerous levels; what is included, omitted, avoided, emphasized, and marginalized?
We, the postmodernists, can give this man, this artwork, the meaning we wish in an exercise of bricolage, with no metanarrative governing us or the film.
Written by Christian apologist Dan Story, The Christian Combat Manual: Helps for Defending Your Faith: A Handbook for Practical Apologetics is emphatically not about physical combat, but rather a guide for Christians to promote and defend their faith, morals, ethics, and worldview in spite of philosophical attacks against it, especially naturalist and postmodernist attacks.
Postmodernity transforms established ways of thinking, although no single set of postmodernist views exists; rather, postmodernists have different views, and many of them would deny the label.
Blending modernist and postmodernist approaches, the contributors offer a variety of case studies that apply narrative therapy to a wide range of problems.
His arguments are directed principally at postmodernist religious authors.