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The answer is simple: The new postmodern world war has different actors such as sub-state actors and even cultural groups.
While Stoppard's early work (R&G and Inspector Hound, for instance) is postmodern, the remainder of his career essentially tracks backward from the way that McHale traces the literary chronological history of twentieth-century fiction, becoming "late modernist" through the mid-seventies (most notably in Travesties) and, finally, "modernist" in the 80s and 90s (in The Real Thing and Arcadia).
In the 1990s, postmodern thinking suddenly lost its intensity and left behind an ambiguous world in which some underlying socio-cultural and ideological factors became apparent.
The novel takes place in a saturated postmodern environment with an abundance of damaged characters who are eccentric or simply seeking a new opportunity in life, such as Sandra, the ashtanga yoga and Tibetan kung-fu instructor who lives in Mexico illegally; Tony, the ex-drug addict who builds sound systems for the hotel aquariums with help from computers; Mario, the manager, who sees himself as a New Age guru; and Ginger, an American diver who is the member of an extreme-sport dub named Cruci/Fiction.
The subjects of postmodern ironic appreciation have little value, other than novelty.
Just as there have been zealous proponents and popularizers of postmodern thought in contemporary culture, so also have there been zealous opponents who have ridiculed the language and style of postmodernism.
As theological engagement with postmodern thought continues to take shape, the need for mapping the continually shifting landscape of our era remains urgent and daunting.
According to Hogue, a postmodern writer, critiquing and deconstructing both the universality of instrumental reason and the subjectivity of the Eurocentric male, helps define and construct the planetary paradigm.
Chapter one, "Historical Criticism and Its Postmodern Critics," concentrates on defining both approaches.
Each essay in this volume analyzes the tension between postmodern "anti-essentialism" and category crisis and the question of whether and how to depict Jewish difference.
The nonprofessional's difficulty in penetrating postmodern argot is no help.
The postmodern aesthetic begins with a challenge to realism.
Merce Cunningham can be considered a bridge between modern and postmodern dance.
For example, Mason offers six different ways that the word postmodern is used; poststructuralist theories, a postmodern philosophical outlook, a cultural condition, a set of textual and aesthetic devices, postmodern texts that write about postmodernity in a non-experimental fashion, and the cultural products of postmodernity, more generally.
Though there have been delays due to its impoverished, developing-nation status, Jamaica, like other democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean, has witnessed the slow, steady emergence of American-style postmodern politics.