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a voluntary played at the end of a religious service

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These tears become more like sobs in the postlude, where Schumann adds accents, deepens the bass line, and voices are added to the counterpoint, creating one of the cycle's most emotive passages (Example 12).
The interlude between strophes 2 and 3 and the postlude are complete restatements of the entire melody of the song.
A postlude in Bear Lake sees Steve marry his sweetheart, the daughter of yet another screen caricature, a tight-fisted Scots store owner, Angus McBain, who faints after realizing he had rashly invited the wedding guests to eat and drink as much as they desired at his expense.
Haneke perhaps baits his critics by inserting so many auteurist markers into a film that all but announces itself as a departure--from the water-flooded floor (recalling The Seventh Continent [19891) to the names taken from the director's long-established template (including that of the couple's daughter, Eva, played by Isabelle Huppert) to the final Hanekean puzzle of the couple's postlude departure.
Asbury United Methodist Church - The Fifth Element Wind Quartet will perform prelude, postlude and offertory music - including folk songs, spirituals and numbers from "The Sound of Music" - at the 10 a.
Their at times almost vocal accompaniment and the utterly marvellous postlude to the final song simply leave one speechless.
I understand the reason for the epilogue, bringing things up to date, but the postlude ("Reflections on the American Justice System") could have been easily and effectively incorporated in the main text.
Add to that Elgar's symphonically conceived Overture: In the South which exuded warm sunniness, as well as a beautiful Neapolitan song on solo viola, this was, surely, a perfect postlude to a highly successful Summer Music.
In his postlude, Kenneth Goldsmith neatly encapsulates the unifying perspective of The Sound of Poetry/The Poetry of Sound.
TAISM concert band provided the prelude and postlude music, including Edward Elgara€™s popular processional, Pomp and Circumstance.
The exhibition ends, however, with a quiet and intimate postlude.
Works by the composer Fanny Hensel (1805-1847), sister of the noted Felix Mendelssohn, have been joyously rediscovered in recent years, especially The Year, a 13-movement suite for piano in which each month is characterized, with a poetic postlude.
I say in the postlude of The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness that "I hope you have been persuaded that happiness is best not left to chance.
And her belated realization that she ought to never have let herself be seduced away from sour, dour George only darkens the tragic postlude.
Bettina Arndt is responsible for the prelude and postlude to the book, with their family touches and short portrait of Ruth, Arndt's wife for over fifty years.